• Building started10/1999
  • Building completed07/2001
  • Built-up area2.344 m2
  • Gross floor area (underground floors incl.) 5.610 m2
  • Number of floors4-5
  • Number of flats71
  • Number of parking space99
  • Architect Ing. arch. Aulík, Ing. arch. Fišer - Studio A

Zelená louka (The Green Meadow) project comprises two blocks of flats. It is situated in one of the most attractive locations in the city of Brno, on Štouračova Street near the Brno dam. The project makes use of rental apartments support programme of the Ministry of Regional Development.

The new complex provides a total number of 21 flats offered for sale and 50 flats for lease. Some of the apartments offer disabled access. All apartments have a flexible layout that can be adapted to the needs of individual occupiers. All apartments offer a fine view of the adjoining forests.

The Zelená Louka buildings are modern and energy-saving. They were designed with the application of the latest technology in energy-saving, building orientation and use of glazed areas. State-of-the-art technology and long-life construction materials with excellent insulation qualities were used in the construction of Zelená Louka. The peripheral walls and the internal brickwork are built with kilned ceramic material. The design makes use of the architectural impact of natural materials such as timber.




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