Pavlova Apartments

  • Project started 2000
  • Building started 2001
  • Building completed 2002
  • Built-up area 1.680 m2
  • Gross floor area (underground floors incl.) 6.100 m2
  • Number of floors 5/5
  • Number of flats 90
  • Number of parking space 20
  • Architect Ing. arch. Jan Aulík - Studio A
  • Tenants Magistrát města Jihlavy
  • Award The award of National fund for residential development - “Housing 2004-The residential house of the year 2004”

The Pavlovova project consists of five apartment blocks situated in an attractive part of Jihlava in a sympathetic background of older buildings. Each block uses a similar efficient footprint.

The layout provides a maximum of four flats on a single floor with common access areas. The apartments are intended for occupants who do not own or do not want to own a house in this small town and yet at the same time are not satisfied with living in mass panel-type construction buildings of the past. A pre-dominant feature is natural timber representing an common visual element throughout the project.




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