City Park Jihlava

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  • Construction start03/2007
  • Construction completion10/2009
  • Rentable areavíce jak 25.000 m2
  • Number of floors23 podzemní a 1 nadzemní + kino
  • Number of parking space850
  • Architect Tomáš Pilař, Ladislav Kuba
  • TenantsInterspar, C&A, CINE STAR, Marks & Spencer, Adidas, Datart a další
  • Award2. place BEST OF REALTY 2009 in the category of shopping centers
  • AwardTHE AWARD FOR THE ECOLOGICAL BENEFIT by the association We Build Ecologically together with the Association of Entrepreneurs in the Building Industry and the CR Ministry of the Environment


Modern, purposeful architecture in the vicinity of history. City Park offers its customers shopping and entertainment with a high-quality content in an excellent and easily accessible locality. And all this with a connection to nature, green plants and rehabilitated area around a creek.

It has unique architecture – a simple, timeless and yet attractive construction with modern architectonic forms. The building has a unique visual design of the roofing. The entire area of the building’s facade and roof is a combination of corten and varnished metal sheets, black glass and green strips of perennial plants.

It creates a pleasant environment and it has a clear and transparent concept – a simple two-storey mall with a fountain forms a transparent, efficient and friendly area for visitors, for their shopping, relaxation and entertainment.

It rehabilitates the area of a former brownfield and incorporates environmental measures – as part of the project, environmental damages were removed and a valley was created with the Koželužský creek, freed of the pipes, and a wetland for water plants and animals. Along the edges of the valley, there is a bike path and a pedestrian path; natural materials such as split quarry stone and wood have been used to the maximum extent. The project includes technical measures taken to achieve energy savings, environmental protection and protection from noise.

The construction was completed in high quality and in time. 100 % of the shopping units have been leased.


  • Location in the zone of a former brownfield
  • Comfortable and collision-free connection between the building and the city centre, public transport stops and other pedestrian routes
  • Smooth transport connection of the building to the Brněnská street and a collision-free driving access for the visitors to the building
  • A sufficient number of parking spaces have been built in the building


  • A simple, timeless and yet attractive building with modern architectonic forms, using contemporary materials and technologies
  • An interactive facade – the building facade and the roof are covered by the vertical stripes that together evoke the bar code – the bar code consist of climbing plants stripe, black glass stripe and the corten metal sheets. The building’s roof is decorated with towers to match the historical silhouette of Jihlava.
  • A clear and well-organised indoor concept, based on a single two-storey mall with a skylight
  • Universal and flexible commercial premises


  • CITY PARK JIHLAVA is a multifunctional centre, which offers extensive opportunities for shopping and high-quality cultural and social life. It is situated in the vicinity of the city centre and the main city streets (between the streets Brněnská, Znojemská and U Dlouhé stěny).
  • With its more than 26,000 square metres of total lettable area, the centre is functionally divided into several parts. An inner longitudinal mall has been designed for both storeys with shopping areas.
  • On the first above-ground storey, the visitors will find shopping areas, restaurants, cafés and a wide range of services. The mall consists of terraces with escalators installed in the middle of the area.
  • On the first underground storey, there are shopping areas, services and a hypermarket with a full range of goods. On the second storey, there is a 4-hall multiplex cinema with 501 seats and a restaurant.
  • Parking is available in underground garages with the capacity of 850 parking spaces on the second and third underground storeys. The garages can be accessed from the newly built junction on Brněnská street.
  • At the level of the third underground storey, there is Tovární street along with the newly constructed bike path and the open river bed of the Koželužský creek. The fresh green vegetation in the locality of the development highlights the original green vegetation and, together with the park furnishing, underlines the overall impression of the architecture and, along with the outdoor furnishing, creates an area for movement activities and relaxation of the inhabitants.


  • Pedestrian traffic: The main entrance is situated in the vicinity of the junction of Brněnská and Znojemská streets. The pedestrian route from Masaryk Square to the main entrance into the building leads across a junction with traffic lights. The side entrance also leads from Brněnská street at the point where a new public transport stop has been designed, and there is also a side entrance from U dlouhé stěny street for visitors coming from the southern part of Jihlava and from the public transport stops in Znojemská street.
  • Transport by passenger cars: Visitors can drive to the building from the inner city ring road from Brněnská street where a new T-junction with traffic lights has been designed. A two-way access road leading into the building on the 2nd underground storey is connected to the junction.


  • Supplies to the smaller units are delivered from Brněnská street where a longitudinal bay has been designed for supply vehicles and from U dlouhé stěny street. The hypermarket is supplied with goods via the access from U dlouhé stěny street, to which an area for handling the goods is connected at a lowered level.
  • The area for delivery of supplies is equipped with roofed docks for trucks. At this level, there are four supply ramps. These ramps can be positioned so that the supply trucks of the hypermarket’s operator can drive to them without any problems.


  • Removal of old environmental damages and burdens left by the original dilapidated production and industrial site.
  • Removal of pipes from the Koželužský creek throughout its length and creation of a valley with extensive green strips along the building.
  • The stream bed of the creek consists of a natural quarry stone; the rehabilitation includes the creation of a wetland consisting of a lagoon with a total width of 5 m and a controlled water level for water plants, amphibians and other animals.
  • Creation of a bike path and a sidewalk for pedestrians, made of massive wooden planks suspended above the stream bed of the creek to match the natural character of the newly created valley.
  • The visible roof of the building consists of a combination of green stripes of perennial plants and stripes of corten metal sheets and varnished metal sheets.
  • Technical measures resulting in energy savings, environmental protection and protection from noise, such as heat recovery or the use of technology for pressing domestic waste
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