Big Billa

  • Building started 07/1998
  • Building completed 12/1999
  • Built-up area 2.823 m2
  • Gross floor area (underground floors incl.) 4.799 m2
  • Rentable area 2.600 m2
  • Number of floors 2
  • Number of parking space 204
  • Architect Ing. arch. Kolofík

A new BIG Billa supermarket in Brno extends retail services in the housing estate of Majdalenky in the Lesná neighbourhood. The supermarket is linked to an apartment block at the ground floor level and has independent access. It consists of three parts. The first part provides the principle entrance, the supermarket itself and the manager's office. The second part consists of storerooms, foodstorage, cold store, freezers and a separate goods access from the external loading dock. The third and last part accommodates service areas where the personnel rooms are situated. At basement level there technological services. The total area of the supermarket is 2.972 m2 of which the retail floor space represents 1.706 m2 and the service area the remaining 1.266 m2. The supermarket also has of a car park with 204 parking places.

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