• Building started06/2000
  • Building completed01/2002
  • Built-up area4.327 m2
  • Gross floor area (underground floors incl.) 35.869 m2
  • Rentable area21.250 m2
  • Number of floors4+8
  • Number of parking space401
  • Architect Ing.arch. Martin Krupauer, Ing. arch. Jiří Střítecký - ATELIER 8000
  • TenantsTelefonica O2
  • AwardWinner of the 2002 Best of Realty Award in the category of administration buildings
  • AwardThe award of Ministry of trade, Ministry of regional development and the Association of entrepreneurs in construction “TOP INVEST - The Investment of the year 2002”

Building A is a large administration building also with commercial users located at the ground floor level. The administration premises of 21,400 m2 on eight ground floors are designed to be highly flexible and they can be used either on an open plan or cellular bases according to the lessee's requirements. There is a separate canteen with dining room, training and education centre and entrance lounge on the ground floor. The building has four underground floors with 420 parking places. The basic principle of the building is the maximum simplicity and flexibility of premises aided by simple construction design. The building is designed in the form of a letter H. The south bay and the middle wing have eight floors, while the north bay has just six floors. The front south facing side consists of glass curtain, which protects the administration premises from noise and solar changes. The inner atrium running through all floors dominates the interior of the premises. The building with a high standard of facilities is intended for one lessee only and was leased to Telefonica O2.

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