Main Point Karlin - Natural bow of the new buildings Origin: BUILDING WORLD magazine
Publication date: 01.03.2007

A smooth transition between the old and new Karlín. A fusion of the soul of the locality with the dynamics of a new era. Natural, soft curves and consistent straight-line architecture. That is Main Point Karlin, a unique, unmissable building which will be developed at the junction of Pobřežní Street and Rohanské nábřeží in Prague 8. 

The attractive Main Point Karlin office building is the new addition to the portfolio of projects planned by development company PSJ INVEST, a.s. Despite the prestigious lobby, retail space and restaurant on the ground floor of the building, it is evident at first glance from the overall concept that the main function of the building is office space. Main Point Karlin will add a total of 21,000 m2 of prime lettable area to the Prague market whereby the building’s varied plan view facilitates a very variable layout. The three independent communication cores, which also feature the nec-essary services such as toilets, kitchenettes and archives, all lead to the very centre of the widest section of the building. 

By contrast, the narrowest part is designed as a classic three-aisle building with a central meeting area. This layout gives tenants the option of either occupying entire floors with their own reception area next to their chosen communication core or of flexibly subdividing the individual floors into smaller independent units. The continuous curve of the façade allows the creation of adequate workstations all the way around the building as the façade is modulated in order to facilitate a workstation layout. 
In addition to functional equilibrium and flexibility, Main Point Karlin will also boast unique architecture. 
The outer curved area, a sort of belt surround¬ing the second to tenth floors, is characterised by a particularly distinctive, three-dimensional vertical pilasters; at the same time the façade is broken all the way around with French windows. This gives the building depth and an interesting varied appearance from the outside, and from the inside, thanks to the large windows, it boasts unique views of Prague. 
Another advantage of the building is transport accessibility which is essential for the commercial success of any administrative project. The Florenc underground station, where the B and C lines of the metro meet, is five minutes walk away; tram stops are located practically in front of the building and motorists can enjoy direct access to the north-south Magistrála arterial road and onwards to the exit to Hradec Králové, the D11 motorway and the D1 and D8 motorways. 

Main Point in the context of Karlín 

Today Karlín represents a rapidly developing district with great perspective which is right next to the city centre. Former industrial buildings are being transformed or are making way for interesting residential or commercial developments, and the entire district is therefore gradually taking on the character of a quiet residential and successful business location. The location of the site on which Main Point Karlin will be developed is utterly exceptional in the context of the surrounding developments. Just as Danube House opposite forms the bow of the new River City Prague development, the Main Point Karlin building culminates in the elegant curve of the enormous block of buildings which starts at the Hotel Hilton. The building will undoubtedly become an impressive landmark looking out on to Rohanské nábřeží. When designing the project, the architect had to deal with several stringent regulations which restricted the development from the outset. These restrictions include height and plan view regulations, the creation of transport connections, respecting pedestrian paths crossing the site including footbridges, maintaining the sluice and many more. 
“The aim was to find for the building a shape and structure that would make the most of the given site, while at the same time not losing any of its qualities and complying rigorously with all the stipulated regulations and restrictions,” said project architects from DaM architectural studio describing the initial stages of their work: “And we managed to do this. It is no longer necessary to resolve the discrepancies in required street width, paths through the site or access to the petrol station – the curved façade gets round all of these restrictions through its elegant curve without the resulting shape of the building losing any of its appeal. More the opposite is true. It is as if there were no restrictions at all and the building was built in the shoes of an extinct island on the River Vltava from long ago. 


Project developer is PSJ INVEST, a.s. which has been operating on the Czech market for almost twelve years. It has implemented several successful buildings and its portfolio includes office and commercial centres, as well as industrial parks and residential buildings and complexes. PSJ INVEST, a.s. has already created over 133,000 square metres of office, residential and industrial space. It reacts flexibly to the latest trends in the area of development and construction as well as management and is justifiably the winner of several prestigious awards, and not only in the office building category. In addition to the Majdalenky and Zelená louka residential complexes in Brno, the company’s finished projects include, in particular, the prestigious BB Centrum office complex in the Michle district of Prague 4.

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